It is an arcade game released by Konami in Japan in 1982. It was produced in North America by Stern Electronics. The player controls Mama, a piglet whose children have been kidnapped by a group of wolves.

Mama Pig defends her home and saves her Pooyan (the kidnapped pigs) riding an elevator moved by two Buuyan, controlled by the player by moving the joystick up or down and uses a bow and arrow against the wolves and their head (the latter are pink while the former are red).

There are two stages. In the first, the wolves ride towards the bottom of the screen and if the mother does not shoot them down, they will go up the stairs and try to eat it.

In the second, wolves ride at the top of the screen and if they manage to get to the bottom, they end up pushing a rock on Mama’s head, causing the loss of a life.

The levels end by shooting all the wolves even if in the second phase the boss must be shot down otherwise the wolves will continue to appear in the level complicating the situation.

After the second phase is over, a bonus round begins. Afterwards the game resumes from the first phase with greater difficulty.


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