Nitemare 3D

Nitemare 3D is a game developed by Gray Design Associates in 1994.

It is a horror-themed first person shooter and the sequel to the adventure game Hugo III: Jungle of Doom.

Hugo’s fiancĂ©e Penelope is kidnapped by the nefarious Dr. Hamerstein who intends to conduct terrifying experiments on her.

Hugo must explore the doctor’s mansion, face the wicked himself and save his better half.

The gameplay mainly follows the Wolfenstein 3D genre.

However, its gameplay is somewhat slow and includes heavier puzzle solving.

There are four weapons in the game: plasma gun, magic wand, pistol and automatic repeating plasma gun.

The levels are labyrinthine and contain secret areas.

The first episode was released as shareware followed by two commercial episodes, for a total of thirty levels.

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