Moto Crash +

Moto-Crash + is a motorcycle racing game released in 1984 by TO TEK International.

The goal is to drive as far as possible within the three minute time limit.

The game has 4 predefined circuits (selected with keys 1 to 4 at the beginning of the game) plus a random circuit generated by the computer (selected with the 0 key).

The conditions of each circuit change as the player progresses.

The race starts during the day and, after the player has driven for 6 km, the scenario becomes nocturnal.

Upon reaching 10 km the road becomes wet. At the 20 km finish the road becomes snowy and at 30 km the road becomes frozen.

The changes in weather conditions are not only accompanied by graphic changes but also by the gameplay, as the adherence of the motorcycle changes as the road conditions change.

If the player drives 6 km during the day or 4 km at night in any weather and without crashing, he gets a bonus.

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