Game made in 1983 by Taskset Ltd.

The task is to collect four tools on the screen with a top view and put them in the right place on 20 levels.

The screen is divided into various areas connected by different colored circles.

The colored area on which the player is located allows you to jump on the same colored circle and jump inside the area of ​​the same color. To change to a different color you need to jump on a moving diamond to jump on a circle or an area of ​​another color.

In the center of the screen there are four triangles, once the tool has been collected, the player must reach the specific triangle to place it.

Once all four instruments are positioned on their triangle, you move on to the next level.

There are notes and creatures that move on the screen and that can be collected to accumulate points, but if you are transporting an instrument, the collision with these will return the instrument to its original position.

Next to each instrument there is an obstacle and when it is touched a life is lost, a loss that occurs even when time runs out.

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