House Of Usher

Game created and published in 1984 by Anirog Software.

House of Usher is a single screen platform game inspired by the homonymous tale of terror.

The character must enter the house and move from one room to another with the ultimate goal of entering the last two rooms and leaving.

The initial setting is the reception hall with ten doors numbered one through nine and door X.

It is necessary to enter each room before being able to enter room X which in turn allows access to room Y before escaping. Each room offers various challenges such as jumping empty spaces, avoiding cannon fire, avoiding creatures, collecting objects and various other obstacles.

If the character falls from a certain height or touches a creature, he loses one of three lives and returns to the hall. In addition, it is necessary to escape from room Y before a timer reaches zero. Failure to do so will result in the loss of all lives in rapid succession.

There is the possibility, in each room, to collect a heart that awards bonus points.

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