Helicopter Rescue

Made by Philips in 1983

The player controls the helicopter with the joystick, up to fly and down to land.

Once the helicopter is in the air, the player can choose the direction in which to navigate (right or left).

Turning left the player is in a desert scenario, where the playing field is in 2.5D. Moving the joystick up the helicopter flies forward, moving it down the helicopter lands to collect the pilots.

In the desert, tanks will try to shoot down the helicopter and capture the pilots before the player can save them. To shoot and try to take down enemy threats, the helicopter must move vertically.

Turning to the right the player finds himself in a marine scenario, where the same desert rules apply but, instead of tanks, the enemies here are ships.

The helicopter has a fuel meter which, once exhausted, will cause the helicopter to crash.

The helicopter is refueled when the player lands on the starting base and returns the saved pilots.

Each round provides the opportunity to save 8 drivers. The round ends when all 8 drivers are rescued or killed.

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