Future Wars: Adventures In Time (English Text)

Future Wars: Adventures In Time is a game developed by Delphine Software in 1989.

In the year 1989, a simple window washer works outside a skyscraper.

With the intention of making a joke to his boss, the unlikely hero discovers a secret passage that leads to a time machine along with mysterious alien documents.

The device is carrying the protagonist in the year 1304, where an apparently ordinary order occurs. However, soon discover a far more serious threat than a global alien invasion.

The hero must travel in the future until the 44th century and finally in the remote past until the Cretaceous period to foil their plans.

Future Wars is a graphic adventure game and the first to use the point and click interface of Delphine, owner of Cinematique.

A right click brings up the verbs menu.

After choosing one of the six commands, the player points the mouse up and executes the action with a left click.

Small objects are depicted by enlarged images once they have been discovered.

However, many of these are well hidden and is often a particular detail on the part of the character to be able to discover them.

The game is a linear advancement of the story, and it is possible to die or stay irrevocably locked up by failing to locate a crucial object.