Fantasy Zone

Fantasy Zone is a 1985 arcade game developed by Sega, but released internationally in 1986.

The player controls a sentient spaceship called Opa-Opa which fights an enemy invasion within a group of planets.

In the game the ship commanded by the player is placed in the level with a number of bases to destroy. When all the bases have been destroyed, the boss appears, who must be defeated to go to the next level.

The player can move left or right.

The final level consists of a rematch against all previous bosses in succession before facing the final boss. Opa-Opa uses two different attacks: the standard weapon (initially bullets) and the bombs.

He can also move to land by popping his feet and walking until he returns to fly again. Opa-Opa’s weapons, bombs and engine can be upgraded to increase speed and get extra lives.

Before this, the player must obtain money by defeating enemies, bases or bosses and accessing a shop by clicking on a balloon.

Each time a new item is purchased, the cost of the item increases.

When the player chooses to leave or the time runs out, another screen appears where you can select the updates that Opa-Opa can use; only one engine, one weapon and one bomb can be equipped at a time.

Some of the new weapons have a time limit which begins as soon as the purchase in the shop has been completed. Some bombs can be used at any time but are limited in quantity.

The engine updates are permanent and the powerups can also be reassigned by going back to the shop or clicking on a speech bubble with the word “select”.

If the player loses a life all updates are lost.

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