Dracula : The Undead

Game developed by Hand Made Software and distributed by Atari in 1992.

In this game you play the role of Jonathan Harker, a real estate agent who visited Dracula’s Castle to conduct business.

The gameplay is a point-and-click adventure with optimization to facilitate Lynx controls.

To interact with an object you need to move Jonathan next to the object with the D-Pad and its name will be displayed in the interaction bar. You must therefore select an action such as Open, Close, Examine and so on.

The main purpose of the game is to explore Dracula’s castle while it is absent and try to gather information that proves it is a serious threat to the mortal world.

In the game there are also other characters to interact with and Bram Stoker (the writer of Dracula on which this game is based) is present in the game in digital form to tell the story.

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