Dig Dug (English Text)

Dig Dug is a game developed by Namco in 1982.

It is an arcade game in which the player uses the blade to dig the road in the ground where it is located.

To complicate things and try to prevent the success of the task there are two monsters, called Pooka and Fygar, who chase the character without stopping.

The only weapon available is an air pump through which you can inflate monsters to the point where they explode.

However, if you start inflating them and you stop, the monsters will return to their normal size and make the attempt vain.

There are rocks scattered in the ground and it is possible to use them to crush the monsters.

If the monsters fail to reach the character within a set number of seconds, they turn into ghosts able to walk across the ground.

They are invincible and can not be killed.

Occasionally vegetables appear in the center of the screen, which allow you to get additional score.