Companions of Xanth

Companions of Xanth is a game developed by Legend Entertainment in 1993.

It is an adaptation of Piers Anthony’s fantasy novel “Demons Do not Dream” (included in some versions of the game) which takes place in the mystical and punk world of Xanth.

Unlike Legend’s previous adventures, Legend provides full mouse control. Commands like “take”, “give to”, “listen” are on the left of the screen; directional and inventory icons are at the bottom, with an illustration identifying your current location occupying more than half the screen.

The gameplay is mainly based on puzzles with many solutions involving word games.

In addition to solving the puzzles, there are also conversations with the various characters that populate the world. The game is divided into several areas; some are interconnected while others become available as the plot progresses.

It is possible to die in the game even if the player can undo his last move in case this happens. It can happen that you get stuck irrevocably if the player fails to pick up a crucial item in a previous area.

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