Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep is a game developed by GCE and distributed by Milton Bradley in 1982.

It is an arcade action game similar to Pac-Man.

Thieves just blew up your bank by spreading the money inside the maze

The player controls a vacuum cleaner trying to recover all the money. Wandering the maze, bank robbers are present trying to capture the character. If they can capture it, one of the lives will be lost.

Each corner of the screen contains a room where the vacuum cleaner can become supercharged. If overloaded it can destroy thieves. There are only four overload possibilities. While the money is being collected, the vacuum cleaner fills up slowly and when it has no more space to collect money, it will have to return to the vault, in the center of the room, to deposit the money before continuing.

Once you have collected all the money you move on to the next level.

A second game variant is available where the walls of the maze are invisible making navigation more difficult.

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