Castle Blast

Castle Blast is a game developed by Atari in 2002.

It is based on the fifth screen of the Phoenix arcade game.

The object of the game is to destroy the castle on the mother ship. Vertical trajectory missiles, or VTMs, can be fired at the shield on the bottom of the mother ship.

When you manage to penetrate the shield, the castle explodes. To get extra points you can also shoot enemy spaceships flying high. Destroying the castle advances to the next level, where you will have to fight against the Focaled Energy Beams, or FEB, fired by the mother ship.

Stars may also appear in the sky, making it more difficult to hit spaceships.

If you manage to destroy the castle again, you enter the next level, adding land tanks to the enemies they attack. Horizontal trajectory missiles, or HTM, are available to face this new enemy without losing sight of the main objective.

The lower joystick button activates the VTMs, the upper button activates the HTMs.

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