Bomberman Generation – Nintendo Game Cube

Bomberman returns with a new cel-shaded 3D look.

The same storyline applies, however. Bomberman has been given the task of taking back a powerful element of magic, and protecting it from the hands of evil. To do so, he must use his bombing abilites to blast his way through mazes filled with crazy enemies and hidden secrets.

There are 5 worlds in all, each with 16 levels to complete.

And after completing certain objectives and picking up items, Bomberman will learn new techniques and abilities to improve his range with his bombs or use new weapons.

Also included is a 4 player classic bomberman multi-player modes.

Unlike the adventure mode, all of the multi-player modes are set in the original 2D, top down style perspective.

The last man standing wins in most rounds, with the added twist of other enemies on screen and timed battles.


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