Big Trouble In Little China (English Text)

Big Trouble In Little China is a game developed by Focus Creative Enterprises in 1987.

In this game based on the film by John Carpenter, played by Kurt Russell, the game is in contrast to the evil plans of Lo Pan, which has the merit of becoming deadly.

The choice is between 3 characters: Jack Burton, a sturdy but a bit stupid action hero who fights with his fists and a “Bushmaster” gun. Ammunition will be refined the weapon can be used. Wang Chi, whose girlfriend was kidnapped, uses Martial Arts and a sword when it is found. Egg Shen, a magician who has promised to believe that ancient prophecy occurs and fights with magical powers that turn into something even more powerful in case we have predicted potions.

Yin and Yang that disappears slowly, but energy can be replenished by finding food.

A symbol that weapons are shown in a sense.

Alternate between the 3 characters to prevent the level of health falls too low and exist to die.

Everyone can move back and forth, jump, lower and attack a different heights.

They have to fight through different levels, including the streets of Chinatown, where weapons and armed men are sought which must be avoided until the experience increases.

Further on, in the sewers, there are other monsters that must be avoided by jumping over them. You arrive at the rooms of Lo Pan’s underground lair, where enemies like Storms are faced.

The final battle takes place in the marriage chamber with the armored warriors and the levitating.