Battle Blaze (English Text)

Battle Blaze is a game developed by Aicom Corporation in 1992.

In the land of Virg it is customary to select the King at the Tournament of Champions.

Aspiring to rule the human world, a zealous demon of the underworld sends five ghosts to possess every contender, so that the last survivor can kill the king.

Despite one of the contenders, Durill manages to defeat the ghost who tries to take control of his person, but dies.

His son Kerrel takes Durill’s place in the Tournament to avenge his father and kill the demon.

Battle Blaze is a “one on one” combat game with side-scrolling perspective.

A jump and attack button is all that is needed to check Each character uses a different weapon and has some unique special attacks.

here are two game modes: in the “Hero” mode, the player can only listen to Kerrel and must touch the game’s story. In the “Battle” mode all characters are available and fights for two players are possible.