Batman Forever

Game produced by Acclaim in 1995, based on the film of the same name.

The player plays the role of Batman or Robin.

There is also a game mode called “training mode”, in which the player can play as Batman, Robin or one of the enemies found in the game against a computer controlled opponent, against a second player or in cooperative mode against two computer controlled opponents. .

The controls are largely based on moves and keystrokes. Some moves involve moving away from the enemy before pressing a button to punch or kick.

The list of gadgets is selected by the player for each level, with three standard gadgets for each character and two gadgets selected from a list. There are also four hidden gadgets.

There are two types of co-op mode in Batman Forever. Players can choose between Batman or Robin. In one mode, Batman and Robin work together and cannot harm each other, although they share credits. In another mode, Batman and Robin can attack each other, but still have to control enemies and have separate credit counts.

Cooperative mode is not included in the Game Boy and Game Gear versions.

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