Batman Beyond : Return Of The Joker

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker was developed by Kemco and distributed by Ubi Soft in 2000.

It is a beat ’em up game in which the player, playing the role of Batman, moves through side scrolling levels, but with the particularity of possessing a certain degree of depth in order to allow three-dimensional movement.

The select player has the option to select various game types and switch between them.

Each typology has its own skills.

Standard: mixes offensive force and shielding uniformly. The Standard Suit has three weapons: Dark Knight Discus which are launched as bullets and require ammunition; Magnetic nunchuku which can be charged and attacks in a short line; Dark knight attacking in a circular area.

Offense: capable of stronger attacks but is more fragile. The Offense Suit allows the player to open the gray chests, ensuring access to extra items and some extra areas.

Defense: Offers weaker attacks but better protects the player from damage. The Defense Suit has two shields that can be used to deflect almost all enemy attacks. A special technique called Shield Punch allows the player to deal serious damage to enemies.

Agile: allows the player to double jump, glide and hit by jumping. The double jump ability allows the player to access some extra items, but the gliding ability seems to have only one function in the game.

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