AutoDuel is a game developed by Origin in 1985.

It is a game based on the board game of Steve Jackson Games Car Wars.

Incorporates elements of combat typical of a role-playing game, guide and action.

The game is set in a futuristic version of the United States, where gangs and vigilantes rule the wilderness and the only protection for people is armored cars with weapons mounted on board.

The player plays the role of a normal person who has to earn enough money to buy his own car and subsequently perform missions across the country.

The progression of the game is quite open: the player is free to visit different cities, explore highways, participate in arena battles to earn money, face gangsters in the desert, recover car parts and so on.

Some missions need to be completed to advance the story.

The player can build and customize vehicles using guns, smoke screens, oil slicks, rockets and other accessories by choosing from various types of bodywork and chassis for the car.

The whole game has a top-down perspective.

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