Aidyn Chronicles : The First Mage (English Text)

Aidyn Chronicles is a game developed by H2O Entertainment in 2000.

It follows the story of Alaron, poisoned by mysterious elves while he was patrolling the reign of King Loyd.

Without an ordinary cure for his illness, Alaron must undertake a journey with a selection of companions in search of the antidote.

Alaron does not know that the journey is even more dangerous than one might think, with a mysterious evil force lurking.

In this 3D fantasy role-playing game you have to complete a series of missions through the use of objects and magic, following a non-linear plot.

The game has two different modes: exploration and combat. Alaron freely explores the world in which he finds himself, discovers particular places and entertains conversations with the inhabitants.

There are no casual matches, but if you meet an enemy, the game goes to the combat screen.

Combat is turn-based but not as commonly understood in console role-playing games: during one’s turn, a character can be moved in real time in a circular fashion and the characters constantly move towards each other.

When two rings intersect the characters can launch a regular or magical attack.