Aggressors Of Dark Combat – Neo Geo

Some innovative elements see the exploitation of the third dimension, the possibility of collecting weapons and / or objects to be used to one’s advantage and a particular management of the grips and contrasts typical of the sliding fighting game.

To mention the presence of the CRAZY bar on the bottom of the screen that loads during the battle allowing you to make super-attacks.

Among the eight selectable characters (characterized among other things by a total absence of names) we find a high school girl and a colored boy with a basketball.

The ninja Fuuma also appears in the cast, cross-over with another series of ADK and SNK, World Heroes.

Joe Kusanagi: also known as the “Honmoku Red Panther”, he is the protagonist of the story. Joe is the most powerful and famous wrestler in the Kantō prefecture. Bored with the lack of good opponents in his area, he sets off to tackle more engaging challenges. In addition to this game, he makes a cameo in one of Kisarah’s attacks in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

Kisarah Westfield: called “Naive Tomboy”, she is an English student who has a reputation for being a femme fatale in Japanese schools. However, Kisarah falls in love with Joe Kusanagi and chases him to force him to be her boyfriend. She is the only female fighter in this game. Kisarah appears as a selectable character in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and as an SNK character card in SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters DS.

Goh Kidokoro: also known as the “Strong Spirit from Naniwa”, he is the most famous wrestler in the western part of Japan, the Kansai, and he is the leader of his gang. Having received the news about the arrival of the “Honmoku Red Panther” she is tremblingly awaiting a fight against Joe in order to expand her fame nationally.

Kotaro Fuuma: called “Hurricane Rabbioso”, he is involved in these events because he got lost during one of his travels through time and landed in 1994 in Japan (where the game takes place). Like the rest of the characters in the game, Fuuma has no special powers (only his “EnRyūHa” move remains from those he knew how to do in World Heroes), but in return he gains many combo moves.

Leonhalt Domador: called the “Black Bull”, he is a Mexican wrestler who runs away from his native country and becomes a refugee. He arrives in Japan with the sole goal of becoming the strongest fighter of all, no matter what. Leonhalt is the tallest, slowest and most powerful character in this game. His rival is Sheen Genus.

Sheen Genus: the “Rising Tiger” is an amateur Canadian wrestler who wants to create his own wrestling league, so he is looking for strong people to join him. Sheen is the game’s wrestler and a rival to Leonhalt. He recently appeared in SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters DS as an Action card.

Lee Hae Gwon: called “White Fang”. A Korean martial arts expert who lives in Japan and works for a school. Seeks revenge against the quarrel that caused disasters in his school: Domador Leonhalt. Lee is one of the fastest characters in the game, and has a good number of kicking techniques and various Taekwondo moves.

Bobby Nelson: also known as “Black Bullet”. He is an African-American boy who wants to become a famous basketball player. To achieve his goal, Bobby travels the world, waiting to be discovered. He is the fastest and smallest character in the game and the only one who always has a weapon (his ball). He recently appeared in SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters DS as an Action card, along with Sean Matsuda of Street Fighter III, also a budding basketball player.


PublisherSNK Corporation
DeveloperADK Corporation
Year Of Release1994

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