Adventures Of Lolo – Nintendo Nes

The lovely princess Lala was kidnapped by the Evil Demons of the Empire.

You are Lolo, a round ball-like creature (just like the princess herself), and your mission is to sneak into the empire castle and to liberate the princess.

Adventures of Lolo is a puzzle game, and each level is a castle room. The goal in each room is to collect all the hearts, then collect the chest to make the exit appear.

Lolo can move blocks and turn enemies into eggs to move of freeze them. There are a few different types of enemies:

– Enemies that are stationary and can block your way (or the path of an enemy)

– Enemies that are stationary until you collect all the hearts, then run they run after you until you collect the treasure

– Enemies that will shoot you instantly if you are above/below/left/right of them, unless there is something between you

– Enemies that will shoot you and run back and forth

– Enemies that run after you and sleep wherever they touch you, and you can’t move themEnemies that run after you when they see you and try to block you in.

As Lolo collects hearts, he can gain power ups, such as the ability to shoot an enemy and move it, and the ability to break a block. Utilizing a power-up effectively is the key to completing many puzzles.

Levels are single screens, and as they become more complex, you are encouraged to experiment as many levels can be solved in more than one way. There are 50 rooms in total.


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